Admissions Process

Broadstep Academy Admissions:

Broadstep Academy’s intake process begins with the school district contacting us for possible openings. The school district sends relevant student files to us for a review of records. We may also schedule a virtual meeting with the school district/parents/guardians to determine if our program may be appropriate for the student. If it is determined that our program may be appropriate, an intake/tour is scheduled with the district representative, parent/guardian, and student.

Placement at Broadstep Academy is contingent on the following eligibility guidelines:

  • Parent/guardian agrees that our tours are conducted only with written consent of the student’s school district.
  • The student must have a current IEP and evaluations, and medical records.
  • Broadstep Academy must be able to provide appropriate programs and related services as outlined in the IEP.
  • Broadstep Academy has an appropriate placement option within the proper age-range and classification category. An age-range waiver may be requested, if necessary.

Please note that we partner closely with school districts to make appropriate student placements. We cannot process a visit or intake without that permission. Please feel free to contact us at 973-579-3758 for further information.